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Trees That Adds Beauty to Backyard Landscaping

Trees With Red Leaves for Additional Wow Factor

Why wait an entire year to discover the colors that make the fall so magical? While some trees will exhibit flamboyantly red leaves because of anthocyanins, pigments that, unlike others, are only created in the fall. Grey days can be brightened and improved by a splash of red vegetation. There are many trees with red leaves to choose from, so there is no shortage of color to complement our selection of the best evergreen trees or to add a little wow factor to your backyard landscaping.


The Katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum), one of the most impressive trees for fall color, has copper-toned foliage that bursts into a blaze of yellow, pink, and crimson in the fall. The sweet caramel scent of the leaves contrasts beautifully with the scorching tones. Because of this, it is occasionally referred to as the caramel tree or candyfloss tree.

Japanese Maple Tree

Some of the most colorful and adaptable trees with red leaves for your landscaping are Japanese maples. Although there are over a thousand different kinds of Japanese maple, they range in size and shape from little deciduous trees to massive bushes with numerous stems. The dwarf maple, which is popular for bonsai and frequently used in container gardening, has lovely fall color.

Red Kousa Dogwood

The kousa dogwood is a stunning tree but is notoriously difficult to maintain. Stressors like disease and insect infestation can quickly kill these delicate and sensitive plants. The red kousa dogwood tree has a sturdy constitution in addition to the same delicate beauty as the conventional kind.

Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle Tree

A magnificent deciduous tree with delicate blossoms is the crepe myrtle. This genus, which is also known as crapemyrtle, thrives in hot, muggy environments, making these flowering trees especially common in the subtropical climate of the American southeast. Their spectacular color displays, which might span from July to September, are what they are famous for.

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