3 Landscape Brickwork Ideas for Your Garden Plans for This Summer Season

Inspiring Landscape Ideas for Your Garden

These suggestions for using leftover bricks in your landscaping are likely to provide you inspiration if you have leftover bricks from a building job. These building materials are resilient to weather extremes and add timeless charm to an outdoor living area. Here are 3 landscape brickwork ideas for your garden plans for this summer season.

Garden Stairs

If your property slopes, you can discover that foot traffic has trampled your grass all the way to the ground’s surface. Why not use steps to connect two elevations? This area, which was becoming an eyesore, may now be a star attraction, especially when surrounded by attractive plantings. It is safer and more appealing than a steep drop-off or dirt slope.


In the garden, a pedestal may be used in a variety of ways, especially if it is solid and weatherproof. It creates a stable, untippable base for a dish-shaped birdbath that might also work well when loaded with bird seed. Additionally, it elegantly supports a large, waterproof sundial. And it becomes the center of attention when you utilize a pedestal to display an elaborate flower pot.


The garden is a lovely place to sit and relax, especially with a firm floor to keep lawn chair legs from sinking into the ground. Arrange bricks in the pattern of your choice to form a small pad beneath a chair, or create an entire outdoor room complete with garden benches and other lawn-friendly furniture. Place your arrangement in the shade for cool bricks beneath your bare feet in summer, or in the sun for a degree or two of extra warmth on a chilly day.

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